Share everything with just one Tap

Eliminate the need for paper business cards and offer a customizable contact sharing technology. No need to install any app on your phone. Share your private phone number, email, profile, social networks & more. Step into the digital world of networking to present yourself & impress your friends with an elegant style.

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Share everything with just one Tap

How It Works?

Order Your Mobile Button

Easily create and share your own mobile profile including QR code to make a great first impression Online & Offline.

Tap & Share on iOS & Android

No need to install any additional app on your phone. Tap, scan, anywhere, anyplace, anyone and you are good to GO!

Expand Your Social Reach

Use QR code to print on anything like flyers, newsletters or a billboard. All they need to do is scan it to reach you.

Contactless Mobile Button

Digital Lifestyle Era

Instantly share a customized, all in one social profile with no password sharing or app download needed. Whether you are a influencer, student, teacher, entrepreneur, model, athlete or whatever, improve your networking and leave a lasting impression on everyone you meet & taps your Mobile Button.

Contactless Mobile Button

Contactless Mobile Button

A simple solution to simplify networking across all industries and personal life. Mobile Buttons can be placed on any convenient surface, easy, convenient & intuitive. Made from eco-friendly materials, no battery or application needed. Update contact information in real time whenever you want.

Tap & Share on iOS & Android

Share your contact details by tapping your Mobile Button with your prospects NFC-enabled iOS & Android devices. Most paper cards are thrown within a week anyways, only a few are really saved in an address book that way. Once you receive your package, it will include a 3-step guide to activate and configure your Mobile Button for instant & unlimited usage.

Tap & Share on iOS & Android

What can I Share?


Membership Plan

Mobile ID - Sign Up

Features of Mobile ID - Sign Up
  • 5 Profile fields
  • 25 Scans per month
  • No Branding
  • NFC Mobile Button
  • QR Code + URL
  • Dashboard
  • Statistics
  • QR Builder
  • iOS | Android
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Free Shipping
Current Plan

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